Chapelizod Heritage Association Podcast



Did you know: There is evidence for human activity around Chapelizod during the Neolithic – about 5,500 years ago!

Did you know: We might not have postage stamps, envelopes, and cardboard tubes in toilet rolls if it wasn’t for the accidental discovery of dextrin in Chapelizod in the 19th century.

Did you know: The founder of the Daily Mail was born in Chapelizod.

Did you know: There was once a whiskey distillery in Chapelizod, owned and operated by a Scottish company. The Phoenix Park Distillery flourished in the late 19th century, and was the workplace of James Joyce’s father.

Situated at the bend of the River Liffey to the west of Dublin city, Chapelizod has a long and varied history thousands of years in the making. The village has been associated with many significant moments in the history, literature, philosophy, religion, arts, and sciences of the county and country. Chapelizod has a growing community that might not be aware of the cultural significance of the village that they call home. It is also a popular destination for tourists, especially those following in the footsteps of James Joyce. For this reason, we have created CHAP, the Chapelizod Heritage Association Podcast - a free audio tour of the village to be enjoyed by locals and visitors alike.

CHAP has been developed by Tomás Skinner and Fala Buggy, in association with the Chapelizod Heritage Society. This project developed following a heritage tour and scavenger hunt organized in the summer of 2017 as part of Ireland’s National Heritage Week. The podcast aims to explore some of the fascinating stories from Chapelizod’s history and archaeology, focusing initially on the sites that feature on the heritage sign in the village square and the accompanying walking map. The goal is to create an audio tour that broadly covers the entire history of the village, defining its cultural and natural heritage significance for locals and visitors alike. This is an ambitious plan, and for this reason the podcasts will be released incrementally as they are completed. Eventually, each site will have a podcast associated with it, but for now only a few of the audio files have been released. Check back regularly to see if the next episode is up!

Special thanks go to the following for their contribution to the creation of this podcast:

  • The Chapelizod Heritage Society for all of their assistance in each stage of the project, from research to delivery. 
  • The volunteers that have provided their voices for the podcasts: David Skinner, Anthony Buggy, Marjorie Branigan, Aisling Calt, and Anna Marie Tighe.
  • Oisín Leonard for composing the music used in the podcasts.