Chapelizod Heritage Association Podcast



What is a podcast, and how do I listen to the tour?

The aim of CHAP is to make Chapelizod's history available to as many people as possible; visitors and locals, of all generations, on-the-go or at home. A podcast provides a flexible and versatile option for providing the audio tour to this broad audience.

The word "podcast" usually refers to an internet radio show, divided into episodes that can be played from your computer, phone or iPod. We use the word podcast to describe CHAP, as it is a much shorter way of saying "audio tour divided into episodes that you can listen to anywhere." Just think of it as a radio program or CD album that you can play while you walk around the village, enabling you to learn more about the sites that you visit.

There are many ways for you to listen to CHAP, depending on how you want to experience the tour. You can listen and subscribe to the podcast using your preferred podcast player, or you can directly download the audio files from this website to play from your computer or phone. You can even burn on to a CD to play from your car.

1. Play directly from the website

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You can play the individual audio files directly from the website on your phone or computer. Navigate to the Listen and Download page and click on the play icon directly under the "Learn More" button.

2. Download to your smartphone, tablet, computer, or mp3 player

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You can download the individual audio files to be played from most of the above by clicking on "Download" to the right of the play button.

3. Listen on your Android or iPhone device using a podcast player

You can find our podcast listed on the Apple podcast app and the Google Play podcast service. If you subscribe to the podcast on either of these you will be notified when new episodes come out, and can even have them automatically download to your device. 

  • Apple: Search for CHAP on the Podcast app or visit
  • Android: Unfortunately, Google Play Podcast is not currently available in Ireland, but if and when it does CHAP will be added to it. Until then, you are still able to download the audio files to your phone and play them through the music app.
  • You can listen to our podcast on many other podcast-streaming apps using the following RSS URL:

4. Play it from a CD

You can always simply listen to the audio files from a CD player at home or in your car. You can download the files to your computer to burn them yourself using the instructions above, or ask someone to help you do this. 

I'm lost - where can I find the heritage sites?

CHAP accompanies a heritage walk that has been developed by the Chapelizod Heritage Society. The heritage walk consists of a numbered series of sites associated with Chapelizod's heritage. Although they are numbered, you are free to visit the sites in any order, just as you are able to listen to the podcasts in any order. The heritage walk and the individual numbered sites are shown on the heritage sign in the village square (pictured) and the accompanying walking map. Please contact us if you would like a printed copy of the walking map.


Still need help?

Please contact us if you have any questions about how to listen to CHAP, or if you want to learn more about Chapelizod in general.